DIY is an interesting introduction to design for people inexperienced with design. It's less about the details of design than a book of ideas you can implement. A few of the topics covered are business cards, books, tshirts, logos, posters and more. While it does have some how to projects and advice about design I found it more useful as a source of inspiration on things I'd like to try.

If you need a good run down of creative ways to brand your business or promote yourself this is a good book for you. If you want more in depth information on graphic design you should pick up a more focussed book.

  • Lots of ideas
  • Beautiful photos to illustrate the ideas
  • Covers online as well as offline design
  • Very focussed on doing things yourself versus outsourcing your printing

  • Lack of depth about design principals
  • Chapters are very short
  • Instructions could be clearer