I know the schedule is a bit jumbled this week. I usually do the long post on Wednesday and Monday's is short but I didn't want to wait to put up Jen's great guest post. So you're getting a Quick Tip today.

I just had some rubber stamps made which I've wanted for a while but I needed a logo first. I have my logo now so I had the stamps made. They are so useful to have.

What can they be used for?

Stamping my shipping boxes (think of how Amazon brands their boxes)
Gift Boxes

How much did they cost?

Cost of course depends on who makes your stamps. I used RubberStamps.net, the 3"x1.5" stamp cost $11.95 and the tiny one was $3.95. So they are very affordable. If you're ambitious you can even try carving one yourself.

Carving Rubber Stamps