This will be the shortest installment of this series. I'm going to take about staging your photos.

Most selling venues give you between 5 and 10 image slots so take advantage of them by taking a number of photos of each item. My generaly rule is the first image should grab attention, at least one should show the entire piece clearly, one closeup of important details, and one photo of your packaging.

The photos showing the whole piece, closeups, and packaging are the simplest, arrange your piece so the details you want seen are clearly visible and take the photos. These photos are to show the technical details of your work and give your customers the best idea of what they'll be recieving.

The one that is trickiest is the impact photo. This is the photo where you really want to use a nice prop or model if you have one, try different angles until you find an interesting one, maybe show only a portion of the piece but make sure it's a recognizable portion, you want to entice people to click to see everything not make them confused at what they're seeing. It's hard to give advice about doign this because it's really a creative choice how to stage your photos.

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Part IV will cover editing your photos.

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