This is supposed to the biggest shopping weekend of the year. How as a small business do you compete with the big retailers or stores with deep discounts? The simple answer is you don't and you shouldn't. What handmade businesses offer is something different from mass produced goods, we provide quality and passion in our products, something they can't compete with. Your challenge is to find and entice the people who know the value of handmade and convince those on the fence.

I'm not saying that sales and free shipping offers won't help you make sales over this weekend. If you have interested shoppers those offers just might push them over the edge into buying. However if someone cares more about a deal than quality your sale isn't going to entice them because you can't compete on price with mass produced goods. I'm not writing this to discourage you but for perspective, there are lots of customers out there interested in handmade products and quality. Of course those customers need to find you but that's a topic for another post (probably many posts).